Claude Saint-Pierre
is one of the founders of New Frontiers. He is actually a Canadian who crisscrossed the world in search of challenges. His work brought him from the Egyptian Arabic Desert to the jungles of Malaysia and Western Africa, from exploring sunken shipwrecks in the cold Northern Atlantic, archeological ones in the Mediterranean Sea to Heliox diving in the Red Sea. He fell in love with Colombia 20 years ago but established himself first in Venezuela where he spent 15 years. Claude is also a Professional Engineer and he holds a MBA from McGill University. Here an article in Sommets. His last trip across Central America on a motorcycle is documented here

From the urban jungle of Paris to the malaria-infested jungle of Ikabarú in Southeastern Venezuela, is quite a drastic step
Mireille Nouaille
made soon after graduating in Sociology.
After traveling for 6 years across South America, she settled in Venezuela 20 years ago, and worked among garimpeiros in the gold and diamond mines. She now shares her profund knowledge of the area with fellow travellers...

Ricardo Capriles
is a second generation of guides, his parents were pioneers in the development of the tourism to the area in the 70's, so he grew up visiting the Gran Sabana and started as a cook helper and assistant-guide while he was 13 years old. He has now more than 15 years of experience on Roraima, Auyantepuy, Angel Falls, the Andes, Humboldt and Bolivar Peaks, and all over Venezuela. He lives in Santa Elena de Uairen and is always ready to explore a new tepui.

José "Cheo" Tovar
Cheo is an interesting character, after 2 years of Military Service in the Jungle Battalion, he got hit by the "gold fever" and looked for 12 years for El dorado... his biggest strikes were a diamond of 9 c and a gold nugget of 2 ounces !
Nine years ago he joined us as a porter for Roraima and since then has converted into a defender of the environment and is a complete ecotourism interpreter...

Elke Wilken
was born in Munich, Germany, and came to Venezuela when she was 19 looking for adventures and a different lifestyle. She found what she was looking for in the Gran Sabana where she has been working as a guide for the last 20 years, transmitting her passion for the area and the environmental cause.

Michael Vuillaume
With an experience of nearly 20 years in the world of tourism in France, and after traveling on four continents, Michael has decided to settle down on the Colombian Caribbean coast between sea and mountains. He is of a curious and open mind. He is passionate about people and history and likes to share his passion for travel. Enthusiastic hiker, he could accompany you to some remote corner of Colombia or Venezuela.

Eduardo Mejía
Born in the United States from Colombian parents, Eduardo studied video production. After spending the first twenty years of his life between Colombia and California, he decided to see the world, Mexico for a year, then Madrid, Spain for 2 years, followed by a year in Hang Zhou, China. Always preoccupied for the environment, he returned to Colombia in 2007 to be the first person to import and sell chinese electric motorcycles, activity he still maintains when he is not sharing his magnificent country with travellers.

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