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We can organize your next expedition in Colombia, Venezuela, or North of Brazil.

in 2002 we have inventoried 35 orquids species on Auyantepuy with the personnel of the Royal Botanical Gardens - Kew (UK) and some 54 species with a French orquideologist group around and atop Mount Roraima, etc.

Again in 2001, we planned and guided the trip of Claes Grundsten, most famous Swedish photo-journalist who wrote for various articles in newspapers and magazines, as well as the trip for a journalist from Outside Magazine, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Trek Magazine (France - July 2007), an expedition to Pica da Neblina for Der Spiegel, recently another article on Delta-Paria in Columbus, a dutch Travel magazine, in 2010.

Extreme Dreams - 2nd Series (2008) - Venezuela, with Ben Fogle, for the BBC 2

We can organize a guided visit of the "Piedra pintada" archeological site in Brazil. An amazing site comprised of 82 monoliths covered by prehistoric paintings dating back 6,000 to 8,000 years...

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