The Neblina Peak

Pico da Neblina

3.040 meters

This mountain range is located in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest, extending both in Venezuela and Brazil. The sectors draining their water towards the rivers Orinoco and Casiquiare belong to Venezuela, and the sectors whose water drains towards the Amazon river are part of Brazil. The summit of Neblina is in Brazilian territory and its 3.040 meters constitute the highest peak of that country. Its name comes from the wet atmosphere, permanent clouds and continuous rains, without apparently any dry season.

Both countries created a national park to protect the virgin nature of this site. In total both parks cover an area of 3.600.000 ha. The Brazilian sector is called Parque Nacional Pico da Neblina, and the Venezuelan side Parque Nacional Serrania de la Neblina.

The other sandstone mountains of the same geologic formation, tepuis as they are called in the Gran Sabana where they are most famous, in general have flat tops and vertical walls. Here at Neblina, these layers are folded in such way that the surface of the mountain is shaped with deep valleys and sharpened peaks, with along its principal axis, a valley known as the Canyon of the river Baria, one of the world's deepest !

The vegetation is typical of this area and it is estimated that more than 50% of the species are endemic. The climate of Neblina is wet, the temperature oscillates between 8-27ºC and the pluviometric average is 4.000 mm.

here a link to an expedition we did there with two reporters from "Der Spiegel"

Expedition to Pico da Neblina

15 days / 14 nights

Warning: this trek is very rigorous, its duration, the physical efforts it requires as well as the harsh conditions met (heat, rain, etc). It is held entirely in Brazilian territory, because it is in that country that we are able to obtain all the necessary authorizations from the national park authorities.


Caracas - Manaus

Arrival in the town of Manaus and meeting of the group at the hotel. where we will discuss the last details of the expedition.
The remainder of the day is free, thus you will be able to walk around the city, visit the port on the Amazon river, the various museums or the theatre Amazonas.


Manaus - Sao Gabriel de Cachoeira

After breakfast, we will go to the Regional Airport of Manaus to board our flight for Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira. Once arrived, we will visit the offices of IBAMA, the National Parks Authorities.

After lunch, we will board a jeep to make approximately 85 kilometers in direction of Frente Sul. At the end of the day, we will organize the last details in preparation for the departure of our expedition. We will then go by boat to the camping of Piedra where we will spend the night, with hammocks and mosquito nets!


Camping Pierdra - Boca de Tucano

We will rise at 5h30 to take our breakfast, then we will continue our river trip on the Cauburis. In the middle of the day we will stop to lunch, then we will sail the remainder of the day to the mouth of the Maturuca river. After 7 hours of navigation, we will reach Boca de Tucano (the "mouth of the toucan"), our second camping. We will dine and spend the night there.


Boca de Tucano - Bebedouro Velho

Once taken our breakfast, we will begin our trek towards the highest point of Brazil. During this day we will walk approximately 12 kilometers, 6 hrs., with a climb of 200 meters. We will pass by Cachoeira and will lunch in Serrinha. Then, we will continue our walk until Bebedouro Velho, where we will install our campsite and dine.


Trekking Bebedouro Velho - Bebedouro Novo

After breakfast and packing our gear once again, we will start our walk for 11 kilometers until Bebedouro Novo. We will climb approximaely 400 meters and we will cross very interesting places like: Cutia, Macaco and Romualdo. We will lunch in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest.
We will arrive at Bebedouro Novo after a walk of 6h. We will install our campsite to spend the night.


Trekking - Base Camp

During this day, we will climb about 1,200 meters for a 7 hours walk, while passing by Lage where we will have lunch. From there, we will carry on our way to the base camp, where we will be able to appreciate the largest mountain of Brazil. We will sleep here.


At the top of the peak of Neblina

As a ritual, we will continue our progression after breakfast. Today's walk will last approximately 5h with a climb of approximately 1,000 meters. After our lunch, we will reach the aim of our expedition, the peak of Neblina and its 3.040 meters. We will install our campsite and will go for a first recognition of the place, then to dine and rest!

DAY 8 - 9

Peak of Neblina - Peak 31 of Marzo

These days will be devoted to explore the peak of Neblina and its neighbor the peak 31 of Marzo, which is the second highest point of Brazil. We will be able to admire the extraordinary flora of this zone, whose majority are endemic, and we will admire the large valleys and canyons specific to the formation of this mountain. We will return to our campsite for dinner and rest from our emotions!

DAY 10

Trekking peak of Neblina - Base camp

Sadly, we will begin our return, approximately 5 hours to reach the base camp. We will reinstall our campsite to rest for the night.

DAY 11

Base camp - Bebedouro Vehlo

We will start our walk at daybreak. We will progress for about 15 kilometers, passing by Bebedouro de Novo where we will have lunch. This 11th day, we will walk during approximately 9h to arrive at our campsite at about 5 pm.

DAY 12

Bebedouro Vehlo - Boca de Tucano

We will have our breakfast early so that we can start walking at about 7am. This walk will last approximately 6h, for about 12 kilometers in light descent (200 meters). We will have lunch at mid-course. At the end of the day, we will leave the canopy of the Amazonian forest, to reach Boca de Tucano, where we will spend the night.

DAY 13

Boca de Tucano - Aldeia Nazare

From now on, we will progress by boat. We will pass by the campsite where we spent the first night. We will lunch there instead and we will continue our navigation up to Aldeia Nazare, where we will install our last campsite. This day, we will have sailed for 10h on the rivers of the Amazon, mainly the Cauaburi river.

DAY 14

Aldeia Nazare - Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira

Today, we will sail for 3 hours until Frente Sul where we will arrive at about 10am. From there by jeep until Sao Gabriel, where we will arrive towards 2pm. The remainder of the day will be free. We will have our last night in a comfortable bed (!) at the hotel.

DAY 15

Sao Gabriel de Cachoeira - Manaus

After breakfast, we will go to the airport to embark towards Manaus and then Venezuela.


De Sao Gabriel de Cachoeira, it is possible to return to Manaus by boat, sailing the Rio Negro for 4 or 5 days. Ask us.


The following prices have been calculated for a departure from Santa-Elena de Uairén, min 4 pax.

These prices include:

Flight Manaus Sao Gabriel rtn, ground and river transportation, guide, porters for the food and camping eq., food for the whole trip, hotel in Manaus & Sao Gabriel.

Just add transportation from/to Caracas.

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