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Caracas must have been a paradise a few years ago; ideally located in a valley at an altitude of about 1000 meters, it has the ideal climate of eternal spring... but today with its 3 or 4 million people, its traffic jams, it is a bustling city and the Capital of that interesting country.

We will spend the morning in the old town, or what is left of it, the last dictator had an urge to modernize and destroyed most of the old colonial buildings to build new modern districts, like the towers of El Silencio, once the highest towers in South America.

The theme of the day will be Simón Bolívar, who was born in that city. We will visit the house where he was born, the Cathdral where his family is buried and the National Pantheon, where are his remains... We will walk on Plaza Bolivar, and visit also the Capitol and the City Hall, where there is an interesting museum.

After lunch where we will taste the local specialties, we will drive around this long and narrow town, through the affluent suburbs of the Country Club to the not so affluent "barrios". If desired we can take the new cable car to the top of the Avila mountain to have a spectacular view of Caracas on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. Before coming back to your hotel or the airport we will stop for a panoramic view of Caracas.

In advance we can arrange a day of hiking up the Avila national park. There are trails for all tastes and physical conditions.

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