Why would I travel with
New Frontiers Adventures?

not only because we have more than 20 years of experience, but because we want you to live something special in Venezuela and now Colombia... all our trips are a combination of human, physical, cultural, recreational and educative experiences.

We enjoy what we are doing, that must be the reason why most of our clients keep in touch with us, and many have come back 3 and 4 times -check testimonials- and why we have been operating for more than 15 successfull years. Some of us speak Spanish, French, English or German, we know a bit of everything, from the geology, the ecosystems and the native-Indian culture of the area you’ll visit and we prepare great meals...

As we are the actual end-operator, we can design an adventure according to your own specific interests and requirements, and, on a more down to earth perspective, as you don’t have to pay intermediaries, for the best price.

New Frontiers Adventures has offices in Colombia and Venezuela:

in Venezuela we are registered with the Venezuelan Ministry of Tourism under the number RTN-08780. Our offices are located on Calle Sucre, Casa No.130, Kewey II in Santa Elena de Uairén, border town with Brazil in the Gran Sabana. As it might be a little difficult to find, give us a call at 0416 5993585 when you are in town. We also have all the required permits from the local administrations in which we are operating, from the Municipality of Gran Sabana to the National Parks Authority.

In Colombia, we are located at Calle 27 No. 1C-74, in Santa Marta, and we have also all the necessary permits from Mintur, agencia operadora No. RNT 19924.

We have a 10 seat Land Rover , and a 5 seats, Toyota 4 runner, more than 20 Marmot and Eureka one, two and three person tents, Ridgerest foam pads, Marmot sleeping bags, camping stoves in all sizes and type of fuels, water filters and for safety, on our expeditions, we carry a Inmarsat satellite phone.

We encourage responsible and sustainable tourism. Read here to see how YOU can make a change... All of our guides and staff are born or are permanently living in the area. All of our revenues are spent locally, as operating costs but our profits as well are reinvested in the local economy (our only non-local costs are the purchase of camping equipment and spare parts which are imported). Here our Policiy for complying with Colombia Sustainable Tourism requirements.

And if you really want to get involved in a humanitarian task for a few days while you are in Venezuela, you can accompany Dr. Clauteaux on a visit to Indian and miners community on the Ikabaru river.

Who are we?
if you want to put a face on a name...

Contact us:

In Venezuela:
Tel.: +58 (414) 886-6040, (414) 927-7140, (416) 599-3585

In Colombia:
Tel: +57 (318) 736-1565, (317) 648-6786


by mail:
New Frontiers Adventures, CCS10005, P.O. Box 02-5323
Miami, FL 33102-5323, USA

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